Buzet - The City of truffles

Glagolitic trails

  • Glagolitic trails

In Roč you are going to find out everything about glagolitic alphabet, its authors and the way  citizens managed to save it from the time.
We are going to take you to the centre of the impressive glagolitic alphabet in the north Istria, in Roč. There is also a remarkable printing- press. Along with the small glagolitic academy, the parish church of St. Barthold, town walls, you are also goin g to visit St. Roccus' church with frescoes from the 14th and 15th century.

Roč is the best musical town in Istria. Why is that so? It's a long story.
If you visit Roč during the International Day of the Mouth Organ Players ''Z armoniku v Roč'' you'll find out the reason. Here every second citizen plays an instrument or sings in chorus.

We are going to take you along the Glagolitic alley which stretches from Roč to Hum. All together eleven monuments remind of the glagolitic history.

Have you heard of Hum before? Have you been there? If you haven't, we are going to take you to the smallest town in the world which has recently been named '' The Town of Mistletoe'' Perhaps you are wondering what mistletoe is…you are going to find out in one of the nearby ''konobas'' ( small restaurants on the ground floor or in the basements where home-grown crops and meat are offered) in Hum or specialized shops with autochtone products.
Mistletoe, the beverage which cures and gives the energy, was known even by the old Kelts. If you are lucky, we are going to give you the recipe.

You are going to hear everything about the legend of Hum, the traditional election of the district prefect for one year and the exhibion of grappas. We should not forget St. Jeremias church at the cemetry which is decorated with the frescoes from the 12th century and glagolitic graffiti among which there is the famous '' Graffiti from Hum''.

On our way back, we are going to stop in Kotle, a village which used to be the richest in Hum area. We can assure you that you are going to be amazed by its untouched beauty.

Which is the town whose beauty attracts tourists and it is well-known as the City of Truffles?
That's Buzet, of course. It isn't easy to pass through it and not notice how picturesque it is.  Let's explore the old-core. There you are going to visit the old manufecturers' shops, the Local museum, the church of St. Mary's Assumption, St. George's church and enjoy the view of Buzet valley from the pompose town walls.

You cannot leave Buzet without trying a piece of the giant portion of scrambled-eggs made of 2008 eggs and 10 kg of truffles. It is traditionally prepared for Subotina ( a local fiest).

If you want to go back to the past and see the town as a stage, then you have to come to ''Subotina po starinski'' ( Subotina in an old fashioned way). It is a fiest that will take you back approximately 100 years in the past. The unique and unforgettable atmosphere is created by the players of traditional instumenrs, the local theatre, vast choice of food and beverages prepared in the old way. There you can meet firemen, gendarmes, landladies and landlords, peasants, postmen, public entertainers and many other…

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