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Fresco painting

Enjoy fresco painting in Roč!

A traditionally dressed tourist guide welcomes guests in Roč who introduces the story of Roč in the Middle
Ages, the Glagolitic Script and frescos painting. After that we have prepared a visit to the church of St.
Rocco and St. Anthony that contain valuable frescos and finally we will arrive at the art studio “Freska” where
an artist dressed in a medieval costume will welcome you. After the presentation of the fresco painting
technique, the guests will have a unique opportunity to create a fresco with their own hands. With the help of
an expert you can make an original souvenir and take it with you as a memory of Roč and Istria or offer it as
a present to your closest.

Durration: 2,5 - 3 hours

Min 10 persons: 285 kn / 41 € po osobi
5 - 9 persons: 400 kn / 57 € po osobi
2 - 4 persons: 590 kn / 84 € po osobi

Included in the price: tourist guide, materials for painting.

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