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General conditions


General terms and conditions are an integral part of any contract or voucher, which conclude the tourist agency "Istriana travel" owner Zdenka Majcan (hereinafter referred to as travel agency) and passenger (hereinafter referred to as the contractor travel). Travel agencies will implement the travel program in its entirety, except in case of exceptional circumstances (war, riots, strikes, terrorism, natural disasters, local authorities and government agencies, etc.).
Applications for travel shall be permitted in the tourist agency office, via fax, phone and e-mail. Upon registration, each passenger is required to provide all information and documents required by the travel program. Each application shall take effect payment of travel advances. (Voucher, or contract).
When you sign up for the package, if the travel program stated otherwise, the customer pays a deposit amounting to 30% of the total price per person, while the remaining 70% of the full package price required to pay at least 21 days prior to travel. If a customer does not pay proestali amount no later than the deadline, the agency will automatically (without the written / oral or any other contact or notice) to cancel the trip and the passenger indicated to keep the amount paid the deposit. The passenger is fully waived his right to interest on the partial or total one-off payments and interest on the basis of periodical advances by the travel agency has paid more than a month before the scheduled trip
Content includes all travel as a tourist agency said in a travel program to the board price includes arnažmana. Special services are those services that are not included in the price of travel, and they therefore travel paid separately. These services must be requested during registration and will be charged in addition to the established price of this trip. Optional or special services requested by the passenger during the trip, paid directly to tourist guide or a travel agency representative and the currency of the country where service is available. Tour prices are published in the denominated currency exchange rate to the country in which it travels, and the rate of commercial banks of the tour. Travel Agency reserves the right to change published prices.
Travel agency is entitled to increase the cost of the program by no later than 14 days before the scheduled start of the journey.
Accommodation facilities offered by travel agencies in their programs, are described according to the official categorization of the country at the time of application. Food, comfort, and other services offered by hotels or apartments, supervised by local tourist boards, and are thus the standards of accommodation, as well as services rendered, and can not be compared, especially sastandardima EU countries.
Travel is not responsible for any verbal or written information that the traveler gets from the staff or agencies in any way, other than in accordance with the above services are listed as such in the program. In other words, it applies only to what the agency has committed itself in writing.
Travel agencies have the right to change the program if circumstances occur that could not be predicted, avoided or removed (see item 1 of these Terms). Notional pension is possible to replace the only accommodation facility in the same or higher category, at the expense of travel agencies. If the travel agency before traveling more significant changes in the essential ingredients of travel (program, accommodations, price, etc.), shall without delay on how promptly notify passengers and offer him a contract amended. The passenger may, within 3 working days from receipt of written notice to travel agencies, amended the contract to accept or reject. In the case of deduction or indifference to offer travelers, travel agencies are ovezuje and to within 7 working days, the traveler paid back part of the price. If a customer accepts the offered amended agreement, replacement travel is considered a new contract on the trip, a traveler on this basis waive all their claims against the travel agency, on the basis of the original contract. If the travel agency after the journey has yet to provide a higher / lower part of the contracted services, all for reasons of extraordinary external circumstances that could not be predicted, avoided or removed, may in consultation with passengers and with his consent, make modifications to the program to continue their journey on their burden in relation to the contract, provided that the passenger in this case waived his right to claim damages based on claims that may arise from the basis of mutually agreed and changed parts of the program, and switched part of the journey in relation to the contract of carriage.
Travel agency may cancel a trip, in whole or in part, if before or during his lifetime event of circumstances which as such can not be avoided or eliminated, and whose performance would be at the time of publication and sales programs, travel agency was justified reason that the program does not publish, or to travel for that do not receive notification. Travel agencies can also cancel the trip if it is not necessary to report the required number of passengers for this trip is scheduled. With the program each trip, travel agency shall state the minimum required number of passengers, to come to the realization of all trips. Travel agency assumes the obligation to inform passengers about the cancellation of travel and to not less than 5 days before package holidays, and on the basis of their travel cancellation, refund the entire amount paid for travel, and they shall waive their right to claim any compensation from the travel agency.
If a customer cancels a trip due to any reason, must do so in writing. Date of receipt of the written cancellation of travel by passengers, is the basis for the calculation of costs.
For packages, costing cancellation of travel, will be carried out according to the following table, unless on the travel program otherwise indicated:
- For cancellation up to 30 days before departure, travel agency charges 10% of the price, a minimum of 100.00 kuna,
- For cancellations made 29-22 days before departure, travel agencies charges an amount of 30% of the price,
- For cancellations made 21-15 days before departure, travel agencies charges 40% of the price,
- For cancellations made 14-8 days before departure, travel agency charges 80% of the price,
- For cancellation from 7 to the day of departure, travel agency charges 100% of the price.

For customer cancellation of single day tours the travel agency charges as follows:

up to 10 days before departure: 0% (cancellation is possible free of charge)
• 10 to 7 days before departure: 30% of the price of the daily tour
• 7 to 3 days before departure: 60% of the price of the daily tour
• from 3 days to 0 days before departure: 100% of the price of the daily tour
• after departure: 100% of the price of the daily tour

If the traveler does not arrive or cancel the trip after it began, the tourism agency will retain the entire amount charged for travel.
When the actual costs or in cases where the share of fixed costs higher than those in the above chart in paragraph 2 this point, travel agency reserves the right to charge actual costs. These cancellation fees also apply to changes that are related to changes in departure date or accommodation facility, as well as other major changes in travel. If a passenger cancels a trip, find a replacement for the same reservation, travel agency for the cost of the charge to 5% of the value of the trip. For cancellation of all forms of travel, does not pay the cost of a visa / a, and no other travel documents (travel insurance).
Travel agency shall:
- Worry about the implementation of services as well as the choice of the service providers and with due professional care, and worry about the rights and interests of passengers in accordance with professional standards and practices in tourism,
- Passenger provide all these services,
- To familiarize passengers with information resources in the destination country, as well as the degree of risk of travel to selected countries,
- Maintain records of complaints in each of its branch in accordance with applicable regulations.
Travel agencies will not be responsible in case of failure to meet the changes and services, which are caused due to force majeure (Article 1 of these Terms), and because of delays in transportation, where the carrier does not correspond to the applicable legal priopisima and international conventions. In each of these cases, the customer is responsible for all additional costs.
The traveler is required:
- Have valid travel documents. The costs of lost or stolen travel documents during travel to bear. If it is required for a travel visa, tourist agency may at the request of passengers, when possible, at extra cost to mediate in its acquisition, provided that the travel agency does not guarantee, and only visa
- Vaccinated and have the certificates and documents of vaccination for travel to countries for which it is required by regulations of the World Health Organization. If necessary, the traveler must submit a medical certificate. Lack of these documents and / or incorrect travel documents, which lead to cancellation of travel or the impossibility of proceeding does not bind the travel agency, and the passenger termination costs are calculated according to item 6 these general conditions,
- Respect the customs and currency regulations of the Croatian, as well as those countries through which the passenger is traveling or visiting during the trip, the rules for the catering and accommodation facilities, and fully cooperate with the perpetrators of these services and in good faith,
- Comply with the guidelines and cooperate with the tourist guide or a travel agency representative,
- When starting on a journey, tourist guide or a travel agency representative to present a document on the paid arrangement (original voucher, a receipt, a copy of transfer order, the witch's chart or similar).
In the event of failure of any of these obligations, the traveler is a travel agency responsible for damages.
If the passenger travels by air, shall be entitled to transport Baggage in accordance with the provisions of the airline. The costs of excess baggage the passenger pays according to current prices of the airline. If transport is by bus, the passenger has the right to enter the bus one piece of luggage (a bag), whose value does not exceed the kuna equivalent of U.S. $ 100, and ski or snowboard. Not allowed to enter the bus or bob sled. The carrier for lost or damaged luggage to match this amount, just in case that the same occurred during transportation. The passenger is obliged to take account of their personal belongings, such as that brought on a bus leaving at each bus, the same things to take with you. Travel agencies and the carrier does not match the passenger for loss or damage to such items.
Travel agency is not responsible for damaged or alienated luggage or valuables in the accommodation (passenger are definitely advised renting a safe). Application for damaged or lost luggage, the passenger indicates the carrier or a responsible person in the accommodation, depending on the fact where the damage or loss of baggage caused.
Pursuant to the provision of services in tourism, travel agency is obliged to offer the traveler insurance against accidents and illness while traveling, lost luggage, health insurance during travel and stay abroad, cancellation insurance, and insurance that provides costs and help the passengers return to the place of departure in case of accidents and diseases, and him entirely familiar with the content and scope of each of the shelves. Travel agency is required to familiarize passengers with the contents of the current contract of insurance against liability for damage caused by the travel agency non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations of package tours, a travel agency that has concluded with Croatia osiguranje.
If a passenger traveling in contracting, not contract for room or apartment with special features, is obliged to accept any officially registered for a room or apartment in the accommodation, as described in the catalog and price list is travel. If possible, travel agency will try to meet the extra demand for the accommodation of passengers (comfort, room, floor, etc.), but can not guarantee to fulfill the request.
Accommodation in rooms and apartments after 16:00. Early pension, so. Early check-in doplaćuje in accordance with the price list hoteliers.
Turističak Istriana travel agencies not to sell and does not offer accommodation in triple and quadruple rooms in hotels, except those in the travel program is not listed as an option, that option. In applications where the optionally mentioned the possibility of accommodation in triple or četverokrevetnoj room, third and fourth bed are optional and extra beds still not the same quality compared to other bearings and do not provide the same comfort. These are usually the bearings assembly and are designed to accommodate children under 12 years, not adults. Istriana travel is not recommended accommodation of adults in the triple and quadruple rooms.

If the services provided by travel agencies is incomplete or poorly done, the passenger may file a written complaint. Each passenger is entitled to complain to the non-contracted services. Any complaint of passengers is to be submitted separately, since the travel agency will resolve complaints procedure group.
The procedure for the complaint:
- Immediately, on site service, passengers complain of inadequate service tourist escort or representatives of tourist agencies, and if not the same, then the claim submitted vendor services. It is the traveler required to cooperate with tourist guide and travel agency representatives, as well as the service providers themselves and in good faith, all with the goal of eliminating the causes of complaint. If a customer refuses to accept the solution, which fully corresponds with the service, travel agency will not accept subsequent complaint, nor was the obligation of the same manifest.,
- If the cause of the complaint would not be resolved at the point of service, the customer agrees with the tourist guide or representative of a travel agency or the service providers on a written confirmation, and one signed copy by any person, keep passenger and employee services, and one copy for the purposes of the travel agencies,
- Within 8 days after returning from travel, the traveler submitted a written complaint to the address of the tourist agency. Travel agencies will take the process only those complaints which are fully documented and submitted within the time and signed by an authorized person referred to in the preceding paragraph of this item, with any necessary attachments (accounts for the additional costs, etc.)
- Travel agency will be writing to respond to a written complaint received by passengers and to within 15 days from the date of receipt thereof. In this travel agency will only deal with those complaints, which could not be rectified in the provision of services,
- While the travel agency by the deadline of 15 days is not seen by the passenger, the passenger waives the mediation of any other person to resolve the situation, such as arbitration UHPE or other institutions, providing information to the media and the like.
Travel agencies and travel to agree that every possibly the dispute, attempt to resolve amicably, by agreement, and if they fail, the jurisdiction of the court by the seat of travel agencies. Applicable law when resolving the complaint, a Croatian law.
Travel agencies will be confidential, to keep everything she learned about the passenger, without his consent, except in cases prescribed by law, no one will transmit the following information: his address, place and time of travel, stay, price paid, as well as revealing the names of his companions .
Travel agencies will not provide personal passenger data to any third party without the express prior written consent of passengers, unless to do so by law or by decision of the competent authorities.
In accordance with the provisions of the Act in providing services in tourism, in the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of travel agencies, passengers who happens to be traveling as well as persons who have paid a deposit for a trip, need the fastest way to contact the insurer said the travel contract or other appropriate document.
These General Conditions are an integral part of the travel contract, which the traveler enters the travel agency "ISTRIANA TRAVEL" owner Zdenka Majcan. Or the agency that she authorized the sale of its arrangements. Every possible / anticipated deviation from these requirements must be included with the text of the tour program and delivered passengers to the contract. By signing the travel contract, the customer fully accepts the application and the general conditions travel organization. Upon entry into force hereof travel agencies, terminate "Instructions and general travel" earlier releases.

Vrh, 01 November 2007.



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