Frescoes workshop - Frescoes Painting

After your guide magically takes you several centuries back to the past and
get you acquainted with istrian frescoes,
you'll have an exceptional occasion
 to try your skills in frescoe creating.
In the unique atelier of that kind in Croatia,
The frescoe you paint with the artist's help, you may take home as a precious souvenir.

Durration: 2,5 - 3 hours


2-4 persons: 84 Eur

5-9 persons: 57 Eur

10 persons: 41 Eur

Agency discount: 15 %

Presentation of fresco painting

Durration 30 minutes: 60 Eur per presentation

Agency discount: 5%

Max 35 persons

Excursions in Istria including fresco painting available upon request. Get all the tours and info about Fresco Painting here, Fresco Painting Tours Istria.