Active vacation

The programmes we have prepared offer you an active rest. You can choose activities depending on your wishes and abilities. You don't have to be a professional athlete because well-trained instructors are going to be there to supervise and teach you.



Man has enviously been contemplating the elegant and light and flight of the birds. Throughout the centuries, he managed to fly up in the sky with the help of an adequate equipment.

Istria has the greatest number of the flying days in a year, in the whole European territory thanks to the natural position of the northern Istrian slopes, mountain Ćićarija which stretches from the Slovenian side of Istria to Učka- Istrian eternal guardian; giant on the eastern side.

Thermic columns, the power of the wind and the natural relief make perfect conditions for the flight. While flying you can hear the sound of the wind and meet a bird from time to time.

…blood is boiling in your veins, you enjoy every second of this unique experience, suddenly you feel relieved and look at the earth from the bird's eye. 

Meet the area of Buzet from the air! You can fly alone if you are a qualified paraglider. If you haven't got any experience, you can try to fly with a private instructor in a tandem-glider.

''Once you have flown up in the sky, you will be walking with your eyes pointed into the sky because you have been there and you'll wish to come back''

        Leonardo da Vinci


The most and attractive way of climbing which is going to keep you body in shape is free-climbing. It can be performed on the cliffs which are a few metres or even a few hundred metres high. Climbing zones are adapted to the professional climbers and amateurs (beginners).
Istria is rich with cliffs ideal for every climber. The most impressive places for climbing are: Raspadalica, Istarske toplice, Vranjska draga, pazin- Zarečki krov, Limski kanal, Rovinj itd.


''Radota peć''- Istria

Cave Radota near Raspadalica is a classical example of a speleological object which is vertically placed. At the entrance the visitors are given an adequate equipment.
The entrance is quite large and easily passable and after the first 20m of climbing down and a pleasant temperature which is lower than the one outside the cave, climbers get into a big chamber which is 25m high and 65 large. The path leads into another chamber which is even higher- 40m and 83m large. After this chamber, a speleological techniques have to be used- that is climbing down using a rope. This same technique has to be used in the two parts of the cave.
It is completely safe to climb down when a speleologist is near you and the whole experience gives you a feeling of a real adventure, deep down in the kingdom of darkness.
Maximum depth of the cave is 180m and participants (climbers) can visit the first 70m because on 110m one needs another equipment and professional knowledge in order to visit the very bottom.
The last part cannot be visited by the tourists.
Speleological object Radotova jama is the highest in Ćićarija and extremely rich with stalagmites, stalagtites and other ''decorations''.

The entrance to the cave is easily approachable. It is only 200m from the road.
The time of visit (duration) is 3 hours.

The water-spring Mlini is a cave system with a water channel which is 450m long.
 Duration: 4 hours.

Cave near Slum- its entrance is vertical and the first 60m can be visited. In the first part of the day, participants learn how to use the professional equipment on a cliff and in the afternoon they are ready to visit the cave.
Duration: the whole day


Visit Istrian townlets on a bike. Pass by the canions, meadows, inns and churches and of course learn something about our history. Run away from the busy city-life and relax in the woods. Meet magical and mystic Ćićarija and follow our guides along the road which leads to to peaks of Istrian mountains and hills. If you turn in ''Via Tartufiana'' , you are going to see the places where truffles grow. When choosing one of many roads like ''Glagolitic Road'', you are going to see the cradle of the glagolitic alphabet which is going to remind you of one great part of the history. The road called ''By bike to Roč'' is going to take you directly to Roč ( where everybody plays an instrument).

If you decide to visit Istrian coast by kajak, you are going to see remote bays, sandy and rocky beaches, cristal and clean sea, numerous isles, caves and hidden lagoons.
This programme can make your dream come true by organizing sunbathing and swimming in the attractive and remote lagoons, tasting of different sea-food and other specialities and relaxing in the most desireable way.


Paintball is an exciting game where variegated balls are thrown.
The rules are first introduced to the two teams and then they go to a range. Every player gets a rifle, a certain number of balls, a mask, an outfit and the fight between two teams can start. The aim of the game is to win the flag put between various ''obstacles''.
The colour which is in the balls is harmless and it can easily be washed away.